Playoff Survivor: Day Seven, May 4th


Could today be the end of round 1 of Hoops Hobby’s Playoff Survivor? Will we have a winner? Yesterday’s dominating performance by the Thunder on the road knocked out four participants. So much for the Mav’s homecourt.

Tony Kapuschinsky – Heat WIN
Dwighthoward – Heat WIN

Greg D. – Mavericks LOSS
franxise01 – Mavericks LOSS
Brian R. – Mavericks LOSS
tennelson55 – Mavericks LOSS

Three games to choose from today:

Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics, 7:30 pm ESPN

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers, 8 pm ESPN2

L.A. Lakers at Denver Nuggets, 10:30 pm ESPN

Good luck to our final two! Also, we will be starting a second round shortly after the first concludes, so stay tuned!

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