Warriors retire Mullin’s jersey, fans boo owner

I guess Warrior fans aren’t too pleased with the team’s recent trade sending Monta Ellis to the Bucks for an injured Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson (who they then shipped to the Spurs for Richard Jefferson).  Since the trade the team has lost 4 straight games, when prior to they were at least in contention for the last playoff spot in the West.  It’s a shame this all happened during Mullin’s jersey retirement.  Mullin and Rick Barry tried to settle down the crowd, but Warrior fans were persistent.

Well, congrats on a recent Hall of Fame induction and a well deserved jersey now hanging in the rafters, Chris!

Pickup of the Week: Chris Mullin Autograph

My first autograph of recent Hall of Fame Inductee, and one my all-time favorites, Chris Mullin!  This autograph from 2010-11 National Treasures is #’d 12/49.

Friday Frivolity: 1991-92 Hoops Tom Tolbert #74

Oh Tom Tolbert- so many captions that could go along with this 1991-92 Hoops card:

“Layup! Sweeeet!!”
“This will up my .423 field goal percentage!”
“Look at the wind rushing through my new ‘do!”
“Too excited, went too far past the basket!”
..and many others that an overly eager five year old might say.

Well done, Tom.  I guess we’ll never know what the result of this play was, but we can be sure he was stoked about it.

Friday Frivolity: 1994-95 Ultra David Wood #252

Poor David Wood. The photographer did not do Mr. Wood any favors on this 1994-95 Ultra base set card. What’s amusing is that any of the images on the back of the card would have worked just fine for the front of the card, saving Wood years of ridicule. We should all thank David for being a good sport.