Playoff Survivor: Day Three, April 30th

Once again, all participants made it through:

All contestants made it through yesterday:

Greg D. – Spurs WIN
franxise01 – Lakers WIN
Brian R. – Spurs WIN
Tony Kapuschinsky – Lakers WIN
tennelson55 – Spurs WIN
jdlee123 – Spurs WIN
Dwighthoward – Spurs WIN
HoopsHobby – Lakers WIN

The next few days will get interesting as there are less games to choose from. Monday’s game are:

New York Knicks at Miami Heat, 7 pm TNT

Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers, 7:30 pm NBA TV

Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder, 9:30 pm TNT

Make sure to get those picks in before 7 pm eastern tomorrow. Good luck!

Hoops Hobby’s pick- Pacers

Playoff Survivor: Day Two, April 29th

All contestants made it through yesterday:

Greg D. – WIN
franxise01 – WIN
Brian R. – WIN
Tony Kapuschinsky – WIN
tennelson55 – WIN
jdlee123 – WIN
Dwighthoward – WIN
HoopsHobby – WIN

Games on day two:

Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs, 1 pm, ESPN

Denver Nuggets at L.A. Lakers, 3:30 pm, ABC

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks, 7 pm, TNT

L.A. Clippers at Memphis Grizzlies, 9:30 pm, TNT

If you made your pick for today in yesterday’s post, it will count and you don’t need to re-post here. Picks will lock in by 1 pm eastern when the first game starts.

Hoops Hobby’s pick for day two, the Lakers.

Playoff Survivor: Day One, April 28th

Games on day one of the playoffs are as follows:

Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls, 1 pm, TNT

New York Knicks at Miami Heat, 3:30 pm, ABC

Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers, 7 pm, ESPN

Dallas at Oklahoma City Thunder, 9:30 pm, ESPN

Make your pick by posting a comment on this post. Remember, you choose one team from the games above. If that team wins, you survive to the next day of the playoffs. Be sure to use the same name each time you pick. You only have one comment to make your pick. Once it’s made, no editing or changing your pick. Picks will lock in once the first game begins on Saturday. Good luck and spread the word on the contest!

Hoops Hobby will play along. Hoops Hobby’s pick for day one is, the Miami Heat.

For full rules see the original post.

Playoff Survivor: Contest Rules and Prizes

Playoff time!

We are just days away from the start of the 2012 NBA playoffs which should be excellent once again. Absolutely my favorite sports time of year. As mentioned, Hoops Hobby will be hosting an NBA Playoff Survivor pick’em. Each day of the playoffs, Hoops Hobby will post the games for the day. Each contestant should respond with a comment containing their pick for the day. Pick any team playing that day. If they win, you move on to pick another day. No limits on how many times you can pick a team. If you want to pick the Bulls every time they play, for example, go for it. Last contestant alive wins a card of their choice from the prize list below. Additional prizes will likely be added to this list. Once we have one winner we will start up again for as many rounds as we can throughout the playoffs.

The prizes are as follows:

1999-00 Stadium Club Chrome Eyes of the Game Refractors #EG8 Allen Iverson
2005-06 Topps #224 Chris Paul RC
2006-07 Bowman Elevation Power Brokers Relics Blue #RCB Chris Bosh
2010-11 Panini Season Update Green Week Jerseys #8 Chris Andersen/699
2010-11 Panini Season Update All-Stars Materials #8 Deron Williams
2010-11 Panini Season Update All-Stars Materials #16 Kevin Garnett
2010-11 Panini Season Update All-Stars Materials #11 Dwight Howard
2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches #150 Omer Asik AU RC
2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches #116 Luke Babbitt AU RC
2010-11 Playoff Contenders Patches #198 Solomon Alabi AU SP
2010-11 Totally Certified Red Materials #59 Tyreke Evans/249

Spread the word- this will be fun. First post will go up when playoff pairings and times are announced.

Pack Break: Panini Hoops Pack Four

Last pack of our four pack Panini Hoops break.  Here’s what we opened:

#29 Baron Davis (Knicks practice jersey)
#72 Jordan Hill
#86 Al-Farouq Aminu (Hornets jersey)
#122 Dwyane Wade
#164 Landry Fields
#179 Jameer Nelson
#225 Andrea Bargnani
#258 Kobe Bryant 

It was nice to see some big names in this last pack. As you can see in the image above, some of the base cards feature players in all-star jerseys. Although we didn’t pull any autograph in our packs, three inserts in four packs along with some star players is nothing to complain about, considering you should find autographs one in 18 packs. Hope to bring more pack/box breaks to you soon!

Also, quick reminder about our playoff survivor contest. More details coming soon!

Support Sports Cards for Kids

I recently came across a post on the Panini America blog describing a local charity that collector Mitchell Kennedy started called Sports Cards for Kids. 15 year-old Mitchell is putting together hundreds of packs of 20 cards each and distributing them to local Boys and Girls clubs and children’s hospitals. He is reaching out to local athletes as well such as Panthers WR and former Appalachian State star Armanti Edwards, who was willing to sign and return cards for Mitchell to include in his packs.

Mitchell was nice enough to answer a few questions over the weekend about his charity and about collecting in general:

Hoops Hobby: How did you get started in collecting sports cards?

Mitchell Kennedy: I have been a big sports fan since I was 10, and I started to collect a card for every player on my favorite teams (Panthers- football, Bobcats- basketball, Hurricanes- hockey, Mets- baseball, and some UNC cards)

HH: What prompted you to start Sports Cards for Kids? How did you come up with the idea?

MK: I had some extra cards and told my mom to give them to someone she knew that did not have a lot and she told me one day that the child that got them still had one of the cards by his bedside. So I thought that I could make this a big thing and give cards to a lot of kids.

HH: Do you have a favorite moment or story with the kids since you’ve started Sports Cards for Kids?

MK: I have two, the first one is when I gave out the first Armanti Edwards autographed cards. The kid who received it went back to his table and said “Does anyone want to trade for this?” and many people said yes. Then after the reactions from the other kids said “Sike!” The second one is when I gave a Albert Haynesworth jersey card (in Pats uniform) to a Patriots fan and when I came back almost 10 minutes later the same kid had the card in his hand feeling the jersey.

HH: What makes the hobby exciting to you and keeps you collecting?

MK: It is exciting to me because when you go to your local hobby shop and get a pack of cards there is always a chance to get a great card. Also, there are always new and exciting players that join your teams. ex. Cam Newton

This is a fantastic cause that I would encourage you all to support. If you have an interest in donating you can mail cards to the following address:

Sports Cards for Kids
6255 Towncenter Drive #621
Clemmons, N.C. 27012

One important note on donations- they should be cards from 2005 to present, so players will be more recognizable to the kids. Hall of Famers and retired stars are encouraged as well.

You can also ‘like’ Sports Cards for Kids on facebook as well as find out more information about the charity at

Pack Break: Panini Hoops Pack Three

Pack three from our four pack Panini Hoops pack break. Here is what we opened in pack three:

#16 D.J. Augustin
#58 Tracy McGrady
#73 Kevin Martin
#105 Shane Battier
#147 Brook Lopez
#203 Armon Johnson
#244 Ronny Turiaf
Hall of Fame Heroes #14 David Robinson 

Three inserts in three packs thus far, can’t complain there. I would like to see these Heroes in color, though. Last pack of our small break tomorrow.

Pack Break: Panini Hoops Pack Two

Pack two of our pack break of NBA Hoops. Here’s what we found:

#25 Luol Deng
#82 George Hill
#140 Luke Ridnour
#155 Jason Smith
#197 Hakim Warrick
#204 Gerald Wallace
#239 Mehmet Okur
Slam Dunk Champion #11 Josh Smith 

Definitely a fan of the idea on the Dunk Champion insert set. Only complaint on the Josh Smith card is how small Josh Smith appears in the photo on the right. Surely there’s a better photo from that particular dunk contest that would be closer zoomed in. The result on the card above is a ton of dark, blank space. Check back tomorrow for pack three.

Playoff Contest: Survivor Picks

Once the playoffs begin, Hoops Hobby will hold a survivor pick’em contest on the blog. Each day of the playoffs, participants must pick a winner of a game. One wrong pick means elimination. The last contestant remaining will not only earn the title of ‘Hoops Hobby Survivor Champion’, but a prize as well. More details to come- stay tuned!

Pack Break: Panini Hoops Pack One

Not having opened any packs of 11-12 cards yet this year, I decided to pick up four hobby packs of the relatively new Panini Hoops product from a local card store. I am opening a pack a day and posting the results to give an idea of what the typical pack contains. The first pack had the following:

#9 Glen Davis
#67 Jeremy Lin
#126 Ersan Ilyasova
#148 Cole Aldrich
#183 Craig Brackins
#211 Jason Thompson
#246 JaVale McGee
Hoops Dreams #6 Stephen Curry 

Already a fan of the inserts- an inexpensive set paired with sharp looking inserts make a good product for me.

Also can’t go wrong with pulling Jeremy Lin’s first card in a Knick uniform! More to come tomorrow.