Basketball Cards in 2020

We are closing in on a decade since I started Hoops Hobby, and while a lack of blogs dedicated to basketball cards still very much exists, the market for basketball cards seems to have exploded, especially in the last few months. And it seems like if there’s a time to be writing about basketball cards, it’s now.

Zion Williamson Mosaic Rookie

I’m trying to understand why this is exactly, and maybe some of the readers (are there still readers?) can help me with this. I understand the hype around Zion Williamson and Ja Morant (PS, I don’t own that Zion Prizm). I understand the Lebron on the Lakers hype. The unique NBA bubble environment. Some collectors may be choosing to spend disposable income on opening a box of cards at home rather than spending it on vacation, eating out, etc… It’s hard to believe though that folks are standing in line at stores before they open to pick up blaster boxes of Prizm, Mosaic, and now Chronicles basketball. Even Hoops and Donruss are nowhere to be found.

It’s a good and bad problem, I guess. It definitely draws attention to the hobby which could have lasting positives, but it’s hard for many to pick up a pack of cards to open without paying 5x the original price, at least.

Reggie Miller 1988-89 Rookie Card


What is a low end collector like myself to do in situations like these? What about the kids? For now I’ll stick to buying singles of my favorite players from the 90s, luckily more affordable than the Lebron and the Giannis cards. A Reggie Miller rookie can still be found for well under $10 (and that one is mine, unlike the Zion). It’s also a time to go through my collection to see what gems I can find, while watching the hobby grow and try to use this blog to connect with other basketball collectors.



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