Playoff Survivor Round Two: Day One, May 10th

Back for round two of NBA Playoff Survivor. The rules are the same as round one. Each day of the contest, pick a winner of any available game that day by leaving a comment on this post, and move on to pick the next day. Simple as that. Winner gets a prize from the list of cards in my post from yesterday. Round two starts with games for Thursday, May 10th. Picks must be in by 7 eastern on Thursday. Here are the games:

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers, 7 pm NBA TV

Atlanta Hawks at Boston Celtics, 8 pm TNT

L.A. Lakers at Denver Nuggets, 10:30 pm TNT

Hoops Hobby’s pick for Thursday, the Celtics to close out the Hawks at home.

6 Comments on “Playoff Survivor Round Two: Day One, May 10th”

  1. Game 1, 76ers
    Game 2 Celtics
    Game 3 Lakers

  2. Greg D. says:

    Thanks for another contest and congrats on your Pacers advancing to the 2nd round!

    I will go with the Lakers for 5/10.

  3. Oh, Sorry…I didn’t see where you pick only one game….
    I will take the Celtics at home…sorry about that. Thanks for the contest!

  4. if i can play again i will go with the boston celtics to close it out at home

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