Playoff Survivor: Day Six, May 3rd

Had the potential for an upset last night but everyone left made it through.

Greg D. – Spurs WIN
franxise01 – Grizzlies WIN
Brian R. – Spurs WIN
Tony Kapuschinsky – Spurs WIN
tennelson55 – Grizzlies WIN
Dwighthoward – Spurs WIN

Tonight will be interesting with some games that could be close.

Miami Heat at New York Knicks, 7 pm TNT

Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks, 9:30 pm TNT

Make sure to get those picks in by 7 eastern. Good luck!

7 thoughts on “Playoff Survivor: Day Six, May 3rd

    1. LONG day at work, so I just got home. For what it’s worth, the game hasn’t started yet, so that’s my pick; hopefully it’s accepted – thanks again for the contest!

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