Playoff Survivor: Day One, April 28th

Games on day one of the playoffs are as follows:

Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls, 1 pm, TNT

New York Knicks at Miami Heat, 3:30 pm, ABC

Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers, 7 pm, ESPN

Dallas at Oklahoma City Thunder, 9:30 pm, ESPN

Make your pick by posting a comment on this post. Remember, you choose one team from the games above. If that team wins, you survive to the next day of the playoffs. Be sure to use the same name each time you pick. You only have one comment to make your pick. Once it’s made, no editing or changing your pick. Picks will lock in once the first game begins on Saturday. Good luck and spread the word on the contest!

Hoops Hobby will play along. Hoops Hobby’s pick for day one is, the Miami Heat.

For full rules see the original post.

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