Yellow Flood, a Modern Parallel I Can Get Behind

Packs and boxes are, for the most part, available once again at retail stores. I’ve opened plenty of Donruss packs in several forms, mostly the 30 card ‘fat packs’ as well as a blaster. Recently I noticed sports cards for sale on the Game Stop web site. One option was the $1.00 value packs, with 5 cards per pack. These are still available for sale, by the way. The description on the site isn’t accurate, as it lists 8 cards per pack with parallels that aren’t available in the packs shown in the photo. What these packs do have in each pack, though, are value pack exclusive Yellow Flood parallels.

I looked up these parallels online and they look great, particularly for teams that have yellow as part of their color scheme, which of course include the Pacers. I thought it was worth taking a chance on purchasing some of these to try to open a Duarte or Isaiah Jackson Yellow Flood, or any Pacer really.

With shipping and tax, these packs were less than $2 each. I’ll take that for a shot at a nice parallel along with the fun of ripping some packs. I’ve pulled all the base cards and even base rookies I’m after at this point, so these packs were really all about the Yellow parallels.

These were the highlights, the five Yellow Flood parallels plus the lone rookie from the packs. Nothing too exciting, and no Pacers. My favorite is the Bogdanovic, who I’ll always appreciate for his time as a Pacer. Interesting trade for the Pistons to acquire him, but I get it too. He’s a solid pro who defends and can shoot. And who knows, maybe the team overperforms expectations and sneaks into the play-in tournament picture, and then you’ve got a guy with playoff experience in Bojan.

The Warriors are another team perfect for the yellow parallel. Oubre with Hornets background color ruins it. One of my biggest frustration points in collecting is cards such as this one. I would much prefer that Oubre just be a Warriors card. He’s pictured in a Warriors uniform, and the uniform with the Hornets colors just creates an unnecessary clash. That card could be great, but instead it’s an eyesore for me. Nice Draymond, though.

2021-22 Donruss Yellow Flood

Since I didn’t open a Pacer, I picked up the card I wanted most from the set off eBay, the Myles Turner. Even though it’s an interesting shot with a lack of fans in the background, it’s a cool shot of Turner bringing down a rebound. It’s a great parallel.

I’ve got the Duarte coming in as well, and the Pacers have 7 cards in the base set, but I think I’ll go after an Isaiah Jackson and call it done for now. The rest of the Pacers from the set are on other teams, which is crazy. These were all key pieces moved within the last year.

Sabonis – Kings
Warren – Nets
LeVert – Cleveland
Brogdon – Boston

I’m checking out the Pacers in person in the preseason coming up. Hoping it’s not the last time I see Turner play in person in a Pacers uniform.

I’m rooting for another Yellow Flood for the longest tenured Pacer in next year’s product, preferably still wearing the blue and gold.

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