Men of Steel: 1995-96 Metal Steel Tower

I enjoy a good insert set focused on basketball big men, especially those from the 90s. Tower of Power, Power in the Key, Rejectors, they are all great. 1995-96 Metal Steel Tower is no exception. It has all the best centers from the mid-90s. If you can name them, they’re here. Hakeem, Ewing, Robinson, Mourning, Dikembe, and Shaq, of course. But what happens in sets dedicated to centers, is you often get inserts of guys who don’t have a lot of them. Guys like Vlade Divac, Kevin Willis, and my personal favorite from this set, Rik Smits.

Shaq is the headliner in this set, but with the odds at 1:4 packs, this one isn’t the toughest set to put together. The Shaq is out there for under $10, so the set as a whole is very affordable.

1995-96 Metal went heavy on silver, including a silver spotlight parallel where the whole background outside of the player and the gold ball is silver. In the Steel Tower insert, the player just jumps out of the silver steel background. The text is well placed and easily readable, and the players are just doing their thing among the skyscrapers.

The back of the cards have the color scheme for the team, and the design works. The skyscrapers are still there, and just seeing these guys brings back so many good memories of watching games in my childhood.

I have 4 out of 10 at this point. Maybe this will take a spot in a 90s insert set binder. A Metal set deserves a spot, without a doubt.

Which Metal insert set sticks out to you?

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