Opening a 2020-21 Flux Blaster Box

Retail blasters and hanger packs have started to show up in local stores and are also staying online past a few minutes, which is a welcomed shift. Even though I don’t typically open a bunch of current year products, my son is all about basketball right now (he’s 5) and is showing a lot of interest in cards. He mostly focuses on the teams of the players and less on the design. He recognizes certain players, and loses his mind when he sees a Bucks card. Giannis and Jrue Holiday are his favorites. We opened some Illusions and Chronicles at Christmas, and when I saw Flux on the Target app I decided to grab one blaster for something different to open. Although ideally I’d like to see more than 18 cards in a blaster, I do like the design of these. One blaster is my limit for this product, though, and probably all that I will open until 2021-22 Hoops comes out.

Each blaster box contains 6 packs of 3 cards each. In my box, each pack had either a rookie, insert, or prizm parallel. The base rookie card I opened was Jalen Green from the Suns.

These were the highlights from the base cards, for me. My son preferred P.J. Tucker, the lone Bucks card in the box. Two future hall-of-famers in this row, including one of the few Kawhi cards I’ve pulled of his in a Clippers uniform. These cards have a prizm type finish but do incorporate some color into the design as well. The Simons I threw in here because there’s a collector out there who collects cards with referees in the background (shoutout to @RefsInTheBack). I’m a fan of those Oregon uniforms, too.

Here’s the non-paralleled insert we opened. Could do worse than Quickley, one of the top rookies from this class. A design that would be more impressive in parallel form. Other than the 2021 on the right, it isn’t too dissimilar to a base card.

Three prizm parallels, the Anthony is a ‘Silver’, while I don’t really know what parallels these other two are. Nice to see rookie parallels. Is there a Kings or Duke collector out there for this Bagley? Beautiful card in person.

When I saw this one I got excited. I think this is what Panini is calling a Mojo Gold Prizm parallel. It’s numbered out of 10 and it’s the best card I remember opening in years. Pretty exciting and a stunning card in person.

And here’s the back. Hopefully Zion sees the court this season, but if not, let’s just get this guy healthy! Such a unique player and talent.

I expect the typical blaster for Flux is lacking in a ton of value considering the number of cards at the price point, but a fun rip with a chance at pulling some low-numbered parallels and autographs. My son was happy because we pulled a Bucks card (P.J. Tucker base).

Where does ‘Flux’ fall in the product rankings for the year for you?

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