The Force is Strong with This One – 1999-00 Fleer Force Special Forces

The Fleer Force brand only had two iterations, in 1999-00 and 2001-02. In 1999-00 it was a silver version of the Fleer Tradition set. It was like the Fleer version of Topps Chrome, in that the photo and design were the same as the Fleer Tradition card, except with silver foil added. That’s how I would describe it, anyway. Fleer Force had its shiny parallel version called ‘Forcefield’, and inserts had ‘Forcefield’ parallel versions as well, so Fleer’s ‘Refractors’. Personally this iteration of Fleer Force remains one of my favorite sets. I never opened a box or packs myself, and at this point that opportunity has likely passed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t seek out some of the inserts.

Although not the easiest odds (1:12 packs), the Special Forces insert set is one of the affordable insert options from 1999-00 Fleer Force. I own three of the cards myself.

The front of the card has what I would describe as a ‘shimmery’ finish. Probably a better word to describe it, but that’s what comes to mind. It just fits with the brand. It kind of looks like there’s some small particles floating around, some kind of special forces, maybe?

Ray Allen was always known for his conditioning and work ethic. You would always see mention of him working on his shot, even as one of the best shooters in the game. That’s how you take your shot from effective to deadly. And that’s how Ray became one of the greatest shooter to ever play.

I’m a resident of the Carolinas, and Eddie Jones has always been a favorite of mine since his Laker days, so his time with the Hornets really sticks out to me, even though it was only a season and a half. I’ve even looked at specifically seeking out inserts with Eddie Jones as a Hornet- there are some nice ones out there, actually.

Jones’ special forces are his frame and ability to slip through defenders, as well as length for tip-ins and alley-oops. Big fan of Eddie. He actually was traded to the Pacers at the end of his career, and I was excited about it until I realized he wasn’t actually going to play for the Pacers. It ended up being Eddie Jones and two second round picks for Shawne Williams, a first round pick for the Pacers who never found a real role with the team, along with have some off-the-court troubles.

Who didn’t like watching the Kings emerge as a legitimate playoff team with Jason Williams at the point? Is there any doubt about what special forces will be listed?

There’s a perfect description for J-Will’s game. The art of deception, a special force indeed.

As far as others in the set, Kobe is the most pricey, but if you’re lucky you might find one for under $10. The Forcefield parallel versions are where things get out of hand. A Kobe Forcefield parallel from the Special Forces insert set might be closer to $50.

Bonus– I have a few Forcefields in my collection. The first is Rip Hamilton from his rookie year. I used to collect Rip Hamilton while he was with the Wizards.

This is from the Attack Force set, which is a set full of mostly first and second year players, but has some veterans mixed in as well. Big names are Vince Carter and McGrady, but these cards are pretty reasonable to pick up and they are stunning in hand.

I can’t talk about Fleer Force and Forcefields without sharing the Forcefield parallel I have in my Tim Duncan collection.

For Duncan, the mission wasn’t accomplished until winning 5 championships, 3 finals MVP awards, making 15 all-star appearances, and winning 2 MVP awards.

Mission accomplished. Consider Fleer Force, reminisced.

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