Pack Break: 1999-00 Topps Gallery

A few posts ago I mentioned a lot of 12 packs I had won around Christmas and shared the first pack I opened. Next up is 1999-00 Topps Gallery. I don’t remember opening many packs from this set around that time. Here are the odds of pulling inserts and parallels as listed on the hobby pack.

Player’s Private Issue, Numbered Parallel 1:17

Gallery Exhibits 1:24

Topps Heritage 1:12

Topps Heritage Proof 1:36

Photo Gallery 1:12

Gallery of Heroes 1:24

Gallery Originals 1:87

Overall Autograph Odds 1:375

Press Plates 1: 1,028

I went into this pack break expecting nothing but base cards and hoping for condition of the cards to be solid. Here’s what I pulled.

Three base cards to start, including a Pierce second-year card and cameos from David Robinson and Arvydas Sabonis.

The quality of the cards is solid. Nice glossy finish on the photos and the border has a texture to make it look and feel like a canvas.

The second half of the pack, and what do you know, we opened a numbered parallel and a subset card of Duncan. The Cassell is number to 250, and not a bad pull considering this was out of a single pack. Love the Duncan and although it looks familiar, I’m not certain it’s already in my collection.

Here’s a quick look at the back of the Pierce. Each back has a column going down the left side with a script that says ‘The Art of Collecting’. The rest of the card breaks down the prior season’s stats in a way you don’t often see. Clearly Paul put in extra work during Thursday shootarounds.

Honestly the star of this release is the Gallery of Heroes insert set. Would have been thrilled to pull one because these are beautiful cards that look like stained glass. The Kobe is obviously very expensive but the others aren’t too outrageous. I don’t have the Duncan but that’s the one I would choose for my collection.

The Gallery Exhibits insert set is variety of different insert designs thrown into a single set, and some of these are great too. Some of these have a Court Kings type feel, others have a Crusade type look, but there’s a number of different designs here.

I’m a fan of this set and would jump at the chance to open more of this product if I could find it at a reasonable price.

2 thoughts on “Pack Break: 1999-00 Topps Gallery

  1. Love 90’s Topps Gallery. One of my greatest pulls of all-time came out of a 1999-00 Topps Gallery pack. It’s an on-card autograph of Tim Duncan.

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