Insert Set Flashback: 1994-95 Topps Super Sophomore

The Set: 1994-95 Topps Super Sophomore

Set Odds: 1 in 36 series 2 hobby packs

Packs of 1994-95 Topps Series 2 could be had for $1.99 for a jumbo pack, and less for a hobby pack (having trouble finding the msrp for hobby packs). How nice would it be to be able to pick up a pack of modern-day cards for.. wait.. how nice it would be to just be able to find a pack of modern-day cards?

Another reason I would gladly open a box today is that my favorite player of all-time, Reggie Miller, is featured on every pack and box.

Key Cards:
Chris Webber #1 $3.00
Anfernee Hardaway #2 $4.00

Full Checklist:

1 Chris Webber
2 Anfernee Hardaway
3 Vin Baker
4 Sam Cassell
5 Jamal Mashburn
6 Isaiah Rider
7 Chris Mills
8 Antonio Davis
9 Nick Van Exel
10 Lindsey Hunter

Why I Like It: The Super Sophomore insert set has a Chrome look and feel two years before a dedicated Chrome set existed. They are labeled on the box as ‘Finest Cards’. The first dedicated basketball Finest set debuted for the 1993-94 season. The Super Sophomore set contains 10 cards of players from the 1993 rookie draft class. Webber and Penny Hardaway are obviously the key cards here, but this set allows for an opportunity to pick up an insert of guys who otherwise aren’t normally included in insert sets- guys like Lindsey Hunter, Chris Mills, and my personal favorite, Pacer Antonio Davis.

Seven of the players in the set were either on the NBA first or second team. A few key guys based on their rookie seasons are absent. Ones who were on the All-Rookie teams but not included in the set are Dino Rada, Toni Kukoc, and Shawn Bradley.

Now that I’ve picked up a few of these, I certainly have a better appreciation for the 1993 NBA rookie class that isn’t flashy, but has a few stars at the top and some solid contributors. Other notable players from the 1993 NBA draft- Allan Houston to Detroit at 11, Gheorghe Muresan to the Bullets at 30, and Bryon Russell to Utah 45.

What guys to do you collect where inserts are few an far between?

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