Support Sports Cards for Kids

I recently came across a post on the Panini America blog describing a local charity that collector Mitchell Kennedy started called Sports Cards for Kids. 15 year-old Mitchell is putting together hundreds of packs of 20 cards each and distributing them to local Boys and Girls clubs and children’s hospitals. He is reaching out to local athletes as well such as Panthers WR and former Appalachian State star Armanti Edwards, who was willing to sign and return cards for Mitchell to include in his packs.

Mitchell was nice enough to answer a few questions over the weekend about his charity and about collecting in general:

Hoops Hobby: How did you get started in collecting sports cards?

Mitchell Kennedy: I have been a big sports fan since I was 10, and I started to collect a card for every player on my favorite teams (Panthers- football, Bobcats- basketball, Hurricanes- hockey, Mets- baseball, and some UNC cards)

HH: What prompted you to start Sports Cards for Kids? How did you come up with the idea?

MK: I had some extra cards and told my mom to give them to someone she knew that did not have a lot and she told me one day that the child that got them still had one of the cards by his bedside. So I thought that I could make this a big thing and give cards to a lot of kids.

HH: Do you have a favorite moment or story with the kids since you’ve started Sports Cards for Kids?

MK: I have two, the first one is when I gave out the first Armanti Edwards autographed cards. The kid who received it went back to his table and said “Does anyone want to trade for this?” and many people said yes. Then after the reactions from the other kids said “Sike!” The second one is when I gave a Albert Haynesworth jersey card (in Pats uniform) to a Patriots fan and when I came back almost 10 minutes later the same kid had the card in his hand feeling the jersey.

HH: What makes the hobby exciting to you and keeps you collecting?

MK: It is exciting to me because when you go to your local hobby shop and get a pack of cards there is always a chance to get a great card. Also, there are always new and exciting players that join your teams. ex. Cam Newton

This is a fantastic cause that I would encourage you all to support. If you have an interest in donating you can mail cards to the following address:

Sports Cards for Kids
6255 Towncenter Drive #621
Clemmons, N.C. 27012

One important note on donations- they should be cards from 2005 to present, so players will be more recognizable to the kids. Hall of Famers and retired stars are encouraged as well.

You can also ‘like’ Sports Cards for Kids on facebook as well as find out more information about the charity at

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