Insert Set Flashback: 1995-96 Metal Rookie Roll Call

The Set:
1995-96 Metal Rookie Roll Call

Set Odds:
Randomly inserted in series one packs

Key Cards:
Jerry Stackhouse $3.00
Rasheed Wallace $2.50

Why I Like It:
I was in love with Fleer Metal cards back in the day.  This particular insert set is one of the most colorful designs I have ever seen on cards that wouldn’t be considered holographic or a refractor.  These cards are even better looking in person than in the scans.  Each card contains a background of basketballs colored almost like oil on a blacktop, with an action shot of the player in uniform.

The set features nearly all of the top picks from the 1995 NBA draft, the exception being Kevin Garnett, the best player by far to come out of this class.  Cherokee Parks and Brent Barry are the only players appearing in this 10-card set who were not drafted in the top 10 of the 95′ draft.  Pulling this set out makes me want to find and open a box of Fleer Metal!

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