Top Unrestricted Free Agents: Guards

With not much action as far as league news, thought I would highlight some of the top unrestricted free agents in the 2011 offseason.

Jamaal Crawford, ATL: One of the league’s best pure scorers, is capable of putting up serious points on any given night.
Jason Richardson, ORL: Veteran shooting guard still capable of putting up starter’s numbers at the position.  Fell off last year after the trade to Orlando, but still should be considered one of the top guard free agents.
J.R. Smith, DEN: Comes with some headaches, but should still have many productive years ahead of him at only 25 years old.  Above average three-point shooter and certainly has good size for his position.
J.J. Barea, DAL: Huge post-season in which he was inserted into the starting lineup for Dallas will surely help his stock once free-agency begins. Proved he can get to the basket and craftily get his shot up against larger defenders and top competition.  Not many unrestricted FA point guards are available, and Barea may be at the top of the list.
DeShawn Stevenson, DAL: Another guy who helped himself with a strong postseason.  Proved to be a strong defender and a clutch performer knocking down big three-pointers for the Mavericks.

Some others worth mentioning: Josh Howard, T.J. Ford, Mike Dunleavy, Earl Watson, Michael Redd, Delonte West, Mike Bibby, Tracy McGrady

Overall a pretty weak group.  Point guard FA class is just weak overall.  Shooting guard class is helped by some restricted FAs that I will highlight in a later post.

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