Insert Set Flashback: 1994-95 Ultra Rebound Kings

Change of plans for today’s post. I was hoping to have a box break for today’s Wednesday Wax. Unfortunately the boxes that came in earlier in the week were damaged during shipping. Instead I am highlighting another insert set, 1994-95 Ultra Rebound Kings.

The Set:
1994-95 Ultra Rebound Kings

Set Odds:
1:2 Series 2 packs

Key Cards:
Shaquille O’Neal $2.00
Chris Webber $1.00

Why I Like It:
One of the other first insert sets I attempted to build.  I opened a ton of packs of 94-95 Ultra and it became one of my favorite sets because I was so familar with the cards.  Rebound Kings is a 10 card set that contains cards of 6 current/future Hall of Famers, 5 of them true centers (Mourning, Mutombo, Olajuwon, O’Neal, Robinson).  Pretty good ratio there – shows how the league has gone away from the traditional center toward a power forward/center hybrid.

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