First Glance: 2011-12 NBA Schedule

The NBA season is scheduled to kick off on November 1st with the Bulls and Mavericks.  This is assuming that no games are lost due to the lockout.  It’s hard to go wrong highlighting the NBA Champs and the top seed in the East in the opening game.  Here are five early season matchups I am looking forward to:

Nov. 11: Memphis Grizzlies @ Dallas Mavericks: The most surprising and exciting young team from the 2011 playoffs sees their biggest test early in the season as they match up against the defending champions.  Want to see if Gasol and Randolph can dominate inside against Tyson Chandler (if he’s back).

Nov. 12: Indiana Pacers @ New York Knicks:  As an Indy fan, the Knicks are once again easy for me to cheer against with the Carmelo and Amare duo.  It will be interesting to see if the Pacers can maintain their high defensive intensity seen in their playoff series vs. Chicago and carry that into the start of the regular season.  The offensive minded Knicks will be a test for sure.

Nov. 19: Chicago Bulls @ L.A. Clippers: Last year’s MVP and the Blake Griffin show?  Yes please.

Nov. 27: Charlotte Bobcats @ Sacramento Kings:  No, this isn’t a joke.  Looking forward to seeing how well Kemba holds up against Tyreke and Jimmer backcourt.  How many dunks and blocked shots will Bismack collect?

Dec. 23: Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat: One of the youngest teams in the league against one of the oldest, Durant squaring off against Lebron and Westbrook against Wade – what’s not to like about this matchup?

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