Friday Frivolity: 1990-91 Skybox Bill Laimbeer #90

Laimbeer likes to color coordinate while fishing… he’s also much friendlier, and wears longer shorts.  Have to avoid the sunburn.

Friday Frivolity: Anything Less Would Be Uncivilized

Last week I was going through some cards in my collection and came across this Charles Barkley from 1996-97 Skybox.  His pose on the front of the card reminded me of his Right Guard commercial days.  If you haven’t seen these, or if it’s been awhile, I’ve included it below:

This card is certainly lacking flakey white stuff!

Even funnier is the back of the card, which mentions Charles plays on the Celebrity Golf Association Tour during the offseason.  This of course begs for the following video:

Thank you, Charles!