Retired Pacers and a Contest

Baseball card land is going crazy over 2017 Topps Series 1 release. And while I’ll probably pick up a blaster or loose packs myself, I am just as excited over a lot of former Pacers I picked up in the last week.

I recently came across my favorite type of ebay seller: One that offers free shipping and discounts with a certain number of auctions won, and one that has thousands and thousands of listings. I could browse those listings all day. I settled on an initial batch and in a few days they arrived! And here you have it, my first lot of basketball cards purchased in five years. I’m so excited about this lot of cards that I’m going to give some cards away. See the contest at the bottom of the post.

2015-16 Absolute Memorabilia #112 Rik Smits 
2007-08 Hoops Top of the World #TW10 Austin Croshere

I’m pleased that Panini is releasing new cards of the Dunking Dutchman, Rik Smits. Anytime I see new Pacer cards of players from the 90s teams that had so many deep playoff runs, I get excited. While I still find new 90s cards of these guys, I’ve seen most of them, so it’s great to see new-to-me cards. This Smits fits the bill, and it’s #’d out of 199.

The Croshere is one of those new-to-me 90s cards. Is there an insert set that screams 90s more than this one? Some awesome insert sets were in NBA Hoops packs at the time at an affordable price point. I’m going to look to pick up the Duncan from this set for sure.

Croshere landed a nice contract after his great playoff performances in Indiana’s run to the NBA finals in 2000. That season and the following one were his best statistically for his career. He spent most of his career with the Pacers, finishing his career after 12 seasons. He now does radio for the Pacers, mainly road games when the legendary Slick Leonard is not available.

1999-00 Bowman’s Best Refractor #121 Jeff Foster /400
2009-10 Topps Gold #112 Jeff Foster

Foster is one of my top 5 favorite Pacers ever (Reggie Miller, Danny Granger, Rik Smits and Jermaine O’Neal are the others). He was the ultimate professional, doing whatever he was asked, even though he never had any plays run for him. That wasn’t his game. He was relentless in pursuing rebounds. Whether he started (which he did quite a bit) or came off the bench, you always knew what you were getting when Jeff came in the game. I also appreciate that he spent his entire career with the Pacers. One fun fact about Foster’s career: He is 4th all-time in career offensive rebounding percentage. He led the lead in this stat category twice during his career.

On the cards…can’t beat a cheap rookie refractor. These are the only cards that I may already have in my collection. Unfortunately I don’t have my inventory documented like I should, especially after a 4+ year break.

2015-16 Panini Prizm Prizms Silver #294 Mark Jackson
2014-15 Panini Prizm Prizms #204 Mark Jackson

Two Prizm Prizms, whatever that means. I guess it means shiny. Jackson’s signature floater in the card on the left, and against the Knicks makes this card even better. Love the flo-jo jersey in the 2014-15 card. Can’t beat these two. I do like how the 2014-15 cards have game photos. That seems to have been taken away in more recent Prizm releases.

At one point Mark Jackson was 2nd all-time in NBA history in assists. He’s dropped to 4th, passed by Steve Nash and Jason Kidd. Still impressive and somebody you might not think of when you think of all-time NBA assist leaders.

1995-96 Topps World Class #WC4 Reggie Miller


Again, a new card for my collection, hopefully. The insert set looks familiar so I am not liking my odds, but I couldn’t pass up the potential for a new Miller insert on the cheap. Reggie was a world class shooter, that’s for sure.

1995-96 Topps Power Boosters #281 Mark Jackson


To me this is the gem of this group, which is why I have it last. Power Boosters were inserted 1 in 36 packs, which makes this a semi-rare pick up. This one is from series 2. Sadly this is the only Pacer player with a Power Booster parallel. Maybe I’m easy to please but for a dollar I was thrilled to get this one. It scanned great too which I was worried about.


So the contest! There are 8 players in the background of cards in this blog post. Name one in the comments to be entered for a chance to win. Must name a player not already named in a previous comment. Correct entries will be randomized and a winner chosen. The winner gets…


This Richaun Holmes autograph from 2015-16 NBA Hoops.  I will also try to send a handful of cards of your favorite team. Enter by end of the day, Saturday February 11th, 11:59 pm eastern. So there it is, the first contest since Hoops Hobby’s return to the blogosphere.

Playoff Survivor: Day Four, May 1st

All contestants made it through again yesterday:

Greg D. – Pacers WIN
franxise01 – Pacers WIN
Brian R. – Heat WIN
Tony Kapuschinsky – Heat WIN
tennelson55 – Heat WIN
jdlee123 – Heat WIN
Dwighthoward – Heat WIN
HoopsHobby – Pacers WIN

Tuesday’s game are:

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks, 7:30 pm NBA TV

Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls, 8 pm TNT

Denver Nuggets at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 pm TNT

Make sure to get those picks in before 7:30 pm eastern today. Good luck!

Hoops Hobby’s pick- Bulls

Playoff Survivor: Day Three, April 30th

Once again, all participants made it through:

All contestants made it through yesterday:

Greg D. – Spurs WIN
franxise01 – Lakers WIN
Brian R. – Spurs WIN
Tony Kapuschinsky – Lakers WIN
tennelson55 – Spurs WIN
jdlee123 – Spurs WIN
Dwighthoward – Spurs WIN
HoopsHobby – Lakers WIN

The next few days will get interesting as there are less games to choose from. Monday’s game are:

New York Knicks at Miami Heat, 7 pm TNT

Orlando Magic at Indiana Pacers, 7:30 pm NBA TV

Dallas Mavericks at Oklahoma City Thunder, 9:30 pm TNT

Make sure to get those picks in before 7 pm eastern tomorrow. Good luck!

Hoops Hobby’s pick- Pacers

Playoff Survivor: Day Two, April 29th

All contestants made it through yesterday:

Greg D. – WIN
franxise01 – WIN
Brian R. – WIN
Tony Kapuschinsky – WIN
tennelson55 – WIN
jdlee123 – WIN
Dwighthoward – WIN
HoopsHobby – WIN

Games on day two:

Utah Jazz at San Antonio Spurs, 1 pm, ESPN

Denver Nuggets at L.A. Lakers, 3:30 pm, ABC

Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks, 7 pm, TNT

L.A. Clippers at Memphis Grizzlies, 9:30 pm, TNT

If you made your pick for today in yesterday’s post, it will count and you don’t need to re-post here. Picks will lock in by 1 pm eastern when the first game starts.

Hoops Hobby’s pick for day two, the Lakers.